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“You don’t need to treat your pets wrong

to get them to behave right.”

I know... life can be overwhelming, and adding a pet of any sort-- a dog or cat, or any pet really--doesn't lighten the load. Dogs, like needy toddlers, often don't understand what we expect of them.  Cats, like demanding teens, want what they want and only when they want it.

Dog training isn't as complicated as you might think. All you're doing is teaching English as a second language, so you can tell your dog where to go and what to do when they're bored, excited, stressed or confused. Cats can learn the meaning of words too and can be just as easily redirected with food and fun.

On the other hand, shouting what not to do, is about as fruitless as yelling at a toddler for sucking their thumb or at a baby for playing with their food. Our frustration only makes matters worse, because it’s scary.  When we direct our anger at our pets, they experience fear, not understanding.  Sure, we know the value of things and what’s important to us, but animals have different priorities.   Without direction, pets react in ways that can be hard to translate. Some get manic, others timid, loud, or destructive.

The good news? Your pet wants to fit in.  Really, they do. And you don't have to treat your pet wrong to get them to behave right. In fact, all pets can learn and respond better to compassionate, loving direction. Solutions are often easier than you think.

Need help?  You’ve come to the right place.  On this site you’ll find tips and downloads, links to my YouTube topics.  Use the search bar to find what you need. Consult with me virtually or in your home or on location.

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“don’t dominate, communicate!”

Fortunately, teaching your dog or puppy to adapt to your lifestyle doesn't have to be hard or expensive to be effective. Pick up anyone of my books- you'll have my support every step of the way.

After all, sometimes just reconsidering your pet’s motivations can give you a new perspective.  Your dog or cat isn’t trying to upset you, they’re just living in the moment trying to pass the time.  Sure, I get it, frustration really mount when stuff gets destroyed or the kids are crying, but remember-- looking at your pet’s behavior can point you in the right direction. Choose from one of my 13 books, read my blogs online to get both solutions and a fresh look at that beloved dog you adore.  

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Enjoy a world where pets are family.

I've been a dog trainer for over thirty three years, making my living—literally—at the end of a leash.  Recently been studied and been certified to work with cats and other household pets; at the end of the day we all just want to get along and be happy.. As a working woman, wife, mother and all-around citizen of the world, I sometimes find myself at the end of a more metaphorical leash, pulled in a million different directions at once. Blogging about it all - kids, pets, culture, and community- brings me back to center…until the next big tug.

From my blog, Sarah Says, which takes a pet-centric look at life, love, and good behavior, to my contributions on the Huffington Post and other guest blogs, I tackle decision making and problem-solving with empathy & humor.  Living and loving a dog, cats and other pets, while sometimes challenging, can be fun once you have a tour guide to lead you down the right path.


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