Whether inside or out, talking to grown-ups, retirees or kids, I'm happy to custom-tailor a speaking topic or lecture for your group.

Tischman Pet Photography

Tischman Pet Photography

  • Some talks are targeted to a specific age or dynamic, but most can be adapted to any group.

  • Lectures vary from 30 minutes to day long seminars.

  • Interested in a topic that you don’t see on the list? Work with me to develop a customized presentation.

  • Lectures include handouts, materials, and Q & A period.

  • Dogs may be brought by the speaker or when arranged by audience members.

Veterinarians and petcare professionals

A Stress-Free Exam Room

Many cats are stressed and reactive in the exam room, making handling them difficult and unpleasant for everyone involved. The fear and trauma of the pet can lessen the likelihood that clients return for maintenance care. Learn to redirect tension and master the body cues of pets and people to ensure everyone entering leaves purring.  

Hosting Puppy and Kitten Socials

Discover how weekend visits and exam friendly condition can ensure lifelong cooperation, routine visits and word-of-mouth referrals for your practice. 

Coping with Real-time Cat Behavior Problems in Your Facility

A feline personality varies much like a teenager’s. Learn how to cope with real-time reactions- Scratching, hiding, soiling, aggressive or anxious cats- in your midst. Sarah provides top 10 tip cue-cards and magnets to share with employees and clientele.

corporate workshops and lunchtime lectures 

Why Cats are the New Dog

Cats are slowly replacing dogs as the chosen pets for busy household and working individuals, for many reasons:

  • They can be interactive and playful as dogs when treated well.

  • Cats require less maintenance.

  • It’s preferable two at once so they can keep each other company.

  • They are less destructive than dogs, especially when raised with a friend.

  • They can be litter-box trained and can live comfortably indoors.

Thankfully, science has finally disproven what cat lovers have always known to be true—that cats are anti-social, nocturnal animals, who only have their own wellbeing in mind. On the contrary, cats are interactive, loving, and crepuscular— most awake at dawn and dusk. As cat’s rest 75% of the day, they make a perfect companion for every household if raise properly. In this lecture, we look at what makes cats so remarkable and what you can do to enhance and enrich your relationship a cat.

Problem kitty! Solutions for common feline frustrations, from separation anxiety to destruction and soiling behavior.

Cats, like kids and dogs, experience stress and act out when they aren’t happy. Problem behavior is often a clear sign that something is not right. Fortunately, you can take steps to improve your cat’s circumstance and remedy their problem behavior—sometimes overnight! Whether your cat is spraying, destroying your furnishings or emotionally distressed, Sarah explore remedies during this workshop, shaping solutions to keep cats safe, happy, and engaged throughout the day!

Education, outreach, and family Friendly Lectures

Kitten Raising 101

All good kittens start somewhere and the best ones start here! Current or future kitty parents will learn the stages of kittenhood and how to establish good routines before bad habit start. During this lecture Sarah addresses:

  • the importance of early socialization

  • shaping behavior like come, sit-stay and several clever tricks

  • the ins and outs of litter box training

  • handling a fearful kitten

  • directing destructive scratching behavior

Socializing Etiquette

Whether you’re taking your cat or kitten to the veterinarian, for an overnight stay at a friend’s home or kennel, or you’re hoping to give your cat routine (but supervised) exposure to the great outdoors, how you manage these social experiences will shape if your cat finds them pleasurable or traumatizing. In this lecture, Sarah teaches simple skills to ensure your cat will feeling trusting and secure where ever you go.Custom Lectures. Give me a call and lets customize a lecture for your group.

Multi-Pet Households  

  • Cats and Cats

Having two cats can be twice the fun! Or it can be double the trouble. Add a third…or fourth…or fifth, and now you’ve got a colony! In a multi-cat household, everyone must be sensitive to the needs of each pet. During this lecture, Sarah covers how to deescalate skirmishes, break up fights, reintroduce cats who no longer get along, as well as how to shape the everyday interactions to ensure everyone's on their best behavior.

  • Cats and Dogs

Introducing a new pet into a multi-pet household can rattle everyone’s nerves, especially in the beginning. Your cat's reaction will depend on whether they’re the newbie or the resident. Fortunately, regardless of the cliche, cats and dogs can get along well with each other, if you take the time to establish positive associations between them. A new pet, no matter what the species, should mean more treats and fun, not yelling and stress. In this lecture, Sarah guides her audience through proper interactions and offers ground-breaking tips to ensure every house is a peaceful kingdom.

Mature and Aging Cats: How to Keep Them Purring       

The worst thing about pets is that they can’t live forever.  A well-loved cat feels the strain and confusion of aging too… and nothing is worse than feeling disoriented or ignored.  In this lecture, Sarah outlines the effects of aging and describes ways to engage and inspire aging pets.

“Sarah is a great person, a fun speaker, and a good teacher who always puts a positive spin on her topic.”
— Kristen Mauro, CVPM Hospital Manager VCA Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center #735 Norwalk, CT