How to make sure pets and fire don't mix

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day.  Did you know?

I’ve been sniffing around the internet, searching for more than your run of the mill safety fire like “Just Grab Your Pet and Run!!!” 

Here’s what I’ve learned from sites I’ve linked to today’s blog. Be forewarned: Not all of it’s pretty. 

The first thing to knock me senseless is the numbers: somewhere around 40,000 pets die in house fires a year, over a million are injured or emotionally affected according to an AKC report.  That’s depressing.  

So what can be done to lessen the loss?  Lots. Here are my favorites tips:

1.) It’s 10 PM, do you know where your pets are?  When I was a kid that was a phrase used on my parent’s favorite news station.  But it doesn’t just apply to human kids anymore.  Consider yourself a dog parent, like me: know where your pets are before you go to sleep each night.

2.) Dogs can start fires too, especially young dogs or those who suffer from separation anxiety. Any restless behavior can lead to mishap, no matter what the species.  If you're a dog parent, leave your baby with quick and easy access to the door in case of an unexpected mishap.  

3.) Prevention is worth a pound cure. Prevent fires from the start by taping up wires, blowing out unsupervised candles, keeping heaters, laptops and toaster ovens feet from a flammable source.

4.) Consider the insurance an installed sprinkler system might offer you or even a detector that will automatically alert your local fire department.  Many insurance companies will reduce the rate if you get preventive measures in place.

5.) As soon as you’re done reading all about ways to prevent your pet from suffering a fire incident, purchase or drive down to your local police or fire station to ask for a Pet Alert Sticker that can be placed on your window/doors. Should an event occur when you’re not home, knowing who’s inside will give the fighters a chance to save the day in more ways than one!

And so, I leave you with the world’s most adorable fire rescue video ever.  Although fire inhalation is not a happy topic, it’s a relief to know that firefighters are now being commissioned with the right tools to save all lives--no matter how big or small.

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