Cows & Dogs

Photo Credit: Roman Adrianowycz

Photo Credit: Roman Adrianowycz

Today is National Cow Day.  Who knew?

Although I’m a dog expert in real life, the cow calls to me. Whether I’m taking a dog out to visit a local herd or just passing a farm along the highway, I always reflect upon their peaceful nature.  I envision them during my deep breathing exercises. They are calm.  patient, unyielding. 

So, whether today finds you celebrating with positive mental images or over an 18-ounce steak, cows give us lots to appreciate.  

And stay tuned as I just posted a blog on Huffington called Your Dog’s Play Date with His New Farm Friends – 6 Steps to Condition your Dog to BIG Animals!”  where I relate how cows can help dogs condition to all farm life, big and small.  It should be live tomorrow!

News on the Mini Cow...

My daughter has picked up on my bovine-obsession.  She’s begging for a cow like most kids beg for a horse.  And I made the mistake of promising her I’d consider it the day they invented the mini cow. 

Parents: don’t say things like this.  Whatever you’ve thought of—someone, somewhere in Google-land, has thought of it first.

Note, the mini cow: within seconds she’d found one.


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