What I feed my Pets


I'm a foodie! I love shopping for ingredients, the preparation and the mealtime get-togethers with our family, friends, and our pets.

As a bit of a health nut, my challenge is making nutritious food, taste, and look good. My pet's health and well being are just as important to me!

People always ask me what I feed my pets; then they want to know why.

I feed my dogs Life’s Abundance. It's not a brand you can pick up at the grocery store or order from Amazon or Chewy. It's privately owned and prepared in small batches. I think that's a good thing.

Recently written up in Forbes magazine, as an up and coming business, the article explains how the Life Abundance company has expanded solely through word of mouth recommendations versus expensive advertising and marketing campaigns.

One of my top concerns with store-bought, name brand products are the preservatives, additives, and sugars used to enhance the food's flavor and extend t's shelf life. Read the label! If you can't pronounce it, why give it to someone you love?

I take comfort in knowing each Life’s Abundance bag is made fresh and sent directly to my home with a tracking code in case there is ever a concern or recall. But you know what? There's never been a recall. Not one! That makes me feel good too.

Although I do get a small commission for promoting this product, it's no more than you'd pay to any pet store, website, or other facilities that sell pet products and food.

And making money is not why I'm sharing it with you. I feed my pets this food, I believe in the company's mission and devotion to nourish their clients no matter how many legs they stand on. This short video says it all.

Here's a link comparing to other name brand dog foods; here is the same for cat foods.

The bottom line? You should feel good about what you feed and use to reward and care for your pets. With Life’s Abundance, I know I do!


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