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Kids love to play & parents love to play with them!

Available on  AMAZON !

Available on AMAZON!

Laughing is the world’s best medicine; clever parents know that interactive games can have added value.  A 30 minute bout of tag combines social skills, learning fun, impulse control and fine motor skills. Playful pastimes are not only more fun than hitting the books—they passively teach lessons on every level!

Teaching your dog can and should follow this format. Think housetraining a puppy is a drag? Make it a game. Want to scream at your family for not getting involved—make a success chart to score your pees and poops offering tokens for each successful potty run. Stick with me and learn games that will enhance your dog or puppy learning at every level.  From quick recall to polite manners you’ll see how easy it is to have a dog who’s enthusiastic about life and learning!

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