Treats, Clickers & Dispensers

Modern parents know attitude is everything. When encouraging kids to cooperate, they listen to the professionals who say that positive rewards offer the best results. To potty train a toddler, or get your eight year old to do his homework or your tween to clean up her room? Tokens or treats result in speedy cooperation, whereas punishment ends in resentment and resistance. Although naysayers may argue that treats become addictive, it’s not so. Eventually, habits form and kids grow up. Don’t you think it’s better to have a kid who cooperates cheerfully, than one who resents your control?  

Dogs are the same way! Since all dog training is, is teaching a second language have treats ready & encourage your dog the instant he cooperates and listens. Tell your dog what to do, not what not to do! Reward listening and you’ll have a dog who looks to you with eager expectation versus one who tunes you out!