Kids & Cat Lesson


Kids & Cat Lesson


These days, raising kids and pets together can be more complicated than you might have envisioned. Kids want to be inside focusing on homework or devises, while kittens like to race about and often prefer to playing to sitting still. Your wish of constant companionship can quickly turn into sibling rivalry or outright fear.

As a mom and teacher let me help you create an environment where everyone's happy and having fun! Using positive reinforcement, I'll guide your children through hour-long lessons that include:

Word-a-week lesson plans

Fun games to play with their kitten

Leash training and socialization outings

Tricks to do together

Not only will your kids be training the cat but they’ll remind you of the finer points as well.

Note: Private lessons include travel within a 20 minute radius of my home in Katonah, NY.  If you live further away and would like a home training visit, a travel fee may apply. For each additional 10 minute increment, a $25 fee will apply.

If air travel is required, email me to discuss my day rate and other out-of-pocket expenses.

To learn more about what to expect during an in-person lesson, click here; to book a session, fill out this form. Here is a sample working agreement!

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