Killing Us With Kindness!


Puppy love was immediate between Ella and me. Adjusting to my retirement was tough but Ella brought me out into the world through countless walks and excursions .  However, the bigger she got, the more challenging those walks became. Furthermore visiting friends were not only greeted but they were smothered with kindness, jumps, licks, nips… you get the picture. As my mother in law would say, “Killing us with kindness.”  How could I help my sweet Ella be loved by everyone else?  How do I take walks with Ella without being pulled down, tripped and injured? 

Voila! Sarah Hodgeson to the rescue! The minute Sarah walked in my house she got Ella’s number. With the eye of an eagle and the hands of a dove, she taught me the strategies I needed to practice each day with my girl.  Yes, I was the one being trained because I was the problem, not Ella.  Sarah taught me key objectives and the steps needed to reach my goal of having a well-behaved and socialized puppy. At 11 months, Ella is almost there, or should I say, we are almost there. Sarah’s methods are gentle, simple, humane and most certainly effective.  Thank you Sarah for bringing peace and harmony into our lives! You are a gem!