Virtual Dog Training Instant Success!


My husband and I have a two year old English bulldog, Winston, who we brought home at 18 months. We love him dearly, but if you are looking for a challenge...18 month old bulldog with very little training...enough said. We were having a big problem with accidents in the house, in spite of taking him out frequently, for long periods of time, and watching him like a hawk all day. It was exhausting! We had read Modern Dog Parenting, and after looking her up online, we decided to try Sarah's digital dog training. After talking to Sarah, we were able to implement a 

routine, and have not had a single accident in the house since. We really appreciated how she listened to our concerns and cared about Winston's well being (not a universal experience with dog trainers). She was also really accessible when I had follow up questions after a few days. It's so much happier and more pleasant under our roof now!