How Kat Learned to Sleep In, Despite the Chatty Birds!

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My favorite call of 2017 was the one I made to Sarah--in 30 minutes she gave me all the insight I needed to resume sleeping!  And nothing beats a good night's sleep.  I truly have two of the best dogs in the world, both Guiding Eyes for the Blind breeding girls.  But when the second dog, Kat, came to live with Kit and I, she was in the habit of getting up with the birds. Literally. Did you know birds get up before 5AM in the summer? So a friend suggested Sarah’s remote training. I booked a session. Her advice--simple things really, like not feeding her until 7AM and putting a pillow over my head so she couldn’t see my face in the morning, and calmly pushing her away both in the morning and to help her calm down when she was excited during the day.  And it worked in less than 48 hours. I wanted an extra half-hour of sleep but she now sleeps until 6:00--when Kit and I get up anyway. Thank you, Sarah!