A Dog Who Mastered the Art of Ignoring Distractions

Just wanted to share with you; this afternoon Emma and two girlfriends were playing in the yard as only young girls can. Their screams and laughter filled the air. I grabbed Kobe's leash and some treats as I knew that this was a golden training moment. I walked around the bend and was perhaps 20 yards away from the girls playing on the hammock. I commanded Kobe to sit and down which he did without any hesitation. I put the leash down and stepped back a few feet and watched. His natural curiosity directed his eye movement to the noise for a second and I commanded leave it. I immediately had his attention once again. Gave him a treat & walked up the street. About 50 yards up Todd Road, a neighbor's Golden Retriever shot out into the street
 at us. Kobe turned to face him and I sternly commanded leave it and only had to give a slight tug. We walked a few yards away as I reprimanded the other dog to go home. Kobe did great. I thought I did pretty good myself!! You've given me tools to better deal with these situations. THANK YOU! - Hugh