Moments of Reckless Abandon

Sarah has rescued us several times, not only with her tips and advice but with her confidence in us as dog owners. Actually, we have our current golden retrievers because she knew our personalities from past puppy kindergarten sessions and basically chose puppies, that she had temperament-tested, that she knew would give us great joy. 

Saga & Erik, named to honor their Swedish mothers, have had their moments of reckless abandon, pulling out small plants and tossing them to each other, digging holes everywhere, and going on runs, off the beaten trail, with apparently no ability to hear or look back. Sarah recommended a sleep schedule where they can be in a safe "cave" for several hours. With this sleep training, they are angels, no kidding.

So many things I thought made sense as far as training were wrong! Aligning with the dog's brain is a satisfying thing. We have Sarah to thank for expanding our vocabulary and our ways of handling situations that come up along our travels.

- Brian Sisco