A Tussle Between Males

Auntie Sarah was a great help, again! I have 5 Afghan hounds of various ages. 2 males, 3 bitches. One happy herd...until, one day, there was a tussle between the males. One is 3, the other, the patriarch of the clan, is 10. Thank God i was there and separated them, no broken skin. Then, it happened again. They were okay, but I couldn't take a chance and separated them, which was a big pain for me and I knew that they weren't happy because they are pack animals, and the pack wasn't right.

Cue Auntie Sarah to the rescue! In no time at all, she had them all together again. The little guy has a gentle leader on, for a duration of one week, and they're both happy little campers now. The males sniff each other nicely and mosey along together when they're outside in the yard. When they're inside, they sleep next to each other!

Thank you, Auntie Sarah!

- Zazoo's Mama