A period of being very skittish & fearful of people

Sal the puppy.jpeg
sal ado.jpeg

Sarah is a miracle worker. My English bulldog Sal was going through a period of being very skittish and fearful of people, which was a total surprise to me. He had been heavily socialized as a puppy but at approximately 14 months of age suddenly became fearful and wary of strangers. This was particularly troubling because everybody wants to meet Sal. I know I am his owner - but he is abnormally cute. He went from a "happy go lucky" pup to a lunging and aggressive adolescent. Six weeks later under the tutelage of Sarah he's back to being a gentleman and I am regaining my confidence bringing Sal into environments where he is meeting and greeting strangers. We still have a little ways to go, but we are definitely on the right track with the goal of Sal graduating a therapy dog. He has a good soul and makes everybody he meets very happy. 

- Tim, CT