Intuitive, Creative, and Thoughtful


Just when we were at wit's end with our adorable but rambunctious labradoodle puppy, Ace, we found Sarah, and we are eternally grateful to all she brought to our family! She is intuitive, creative, and thoughtful--she listens carefully, observes keenly, and swiftly and effectively transformed our puppy's behavior AND our behavior. Sarah brings an ideal balance of love and positivity mixed with clear boundaries and expectations--she empowered us to adore our puppy and lavish him with love and praise while also teaching him to follow rules and behave appropriately in our home.  Sarah was brilliant at incorporating our three kids into Ace's training regimen and making it a playful and fun.  She tapped into the energy and motivation that our kids brought to Ace's training and gave them special responsibilities and "games" to teach Ace.  We all loved our sessions with Sarah, most of all Ace who could barely contain his excitement every time she walked in the door.  We thank Sarah for our loving, harmonious, fun-filled dynamic with Ace!


Emily Stern, Greenwich