Live, Love, Learn!

Photo Credit: Christine D.

Photo Credit: Christine D.

There is NO other teacher for pets like Sarah Hodgson! She is the nutty- pet-professor you have longed for in your dreams!


After meeting Sarah in 2014 during a difficult time, including a challenging relationship with my partner’s Bichon Frise pup, Sarah reassured me that my new family would be an awesome family. I cannot thank her enough for her care, kindness, and wisdom.  Her advice has always felt humane and heartfelt with each and every observation.


Sarah has the unique gift of being all at once sharp-witted and keen, yet warm and empathetic to the quirkiest of pet-rearing needs.  She takes her work seriously and our time together was well spent.   I listened to her advice, and was successful in many ways with her practical tips. But mostly,, Sarah taught me to love my pup and let go of my resentment!


I’m not a “dog person” but after working with Sarah Hodgson, I learned that my little Bichon named Lily is an integral part of my family! With each new challenge I am less and less angry and more open to the unconditional love and affection my dog gives to me each and every day. Lily has boundless and unlimited love for me that I am now able to recognize and return freely.


Thank you Sarah! You have given me the tools to be a great Dog Mommy and I love you for that!


Christine D. – Pound Ridge, New York