Say hello to Brownie, the Labrador from India!

Photo Credit: Saloni K.

Photo Credit: Saloni K.

I live in India where not all dogs are appreciated.  We have a pretty big street dog population and it's a problem over here.  People don't always understand just how much I love my dog.  

So when I started to have a problem with my dog's barking at the window and acting angry when people came to visit I needed to find someone who not only understood how much I loved my dog but who could also help me solve my problem fast.

I liked the approachability I felt when I visited Sarah's site.  Her blogs made sense and I noticed she offered Skype sessions so I filled out my form and asked if she did international consultations! 

I've already done three Skype sessions with Sarah- first to address the barking, but also my Brownie's leash pulling and rough play with other dogs.  Her suggestions work and her words make me feel empowered instead of hopeless!

-Saloni K. 

Mumbai, India