Tried A Different Trainer, But Came Racing Back!

Many, many years ago we took group dog training lessons with Sarah. Our two very different dogs (an exuberant Lab and a reserved Chow Chow mix) happily learned the basics of canine good citizenry. We were very pleased with the results.

We moved away from Sarah’s home base and as always happens, time took our beloved and well-mannered (thanks to Sarah!) dogs. When we adopted a new dog, we decided to try a well-known local trainer. Over the course of three sessions, he made fun of my husband’s New Jersey accent, told me my dog thought I was a jerk and demonstrated a “leash correction” that actually hurt my elbow. We apologized to our dog and never went back. I missed Sarah.

When I learned that she offered Skype sessions, I signed up. Compassionate, funny, effective — she took us through the simple steps needed to understand and guide our dog down the road to civility. It was a relief and a pleasure.

Just because someone hangs out a shingle and says they’re a professional, don’t make assumptions. Do your research. Check out Sarah’s credentials, books and website. Her philosophy shines through. She’s a true pro.

-Maureen C. , RedHook