Twice the Fun!

Christmas 2012  I put my 16 year  old “first born” chihuahua down. She was old and in a lot of pain but obviously we were devastated. Our other chihuahua/min pin rescue is in retirement, she sleeps all day and shows up for mealtimes. The rumblings for another dog began. I was hesitant after our second failed rescue Then a phone call from Sarah: ” I have the perfect dog for you, you have to come and see.” We fell in love, and now we have twins. Our rescue puppies are delightful. Thanks to Sarah they are the perfect match for our family. They can cope with the chaos that is my house. They are included in dramas, they have feature roles in video star, they play fetch and frisbee.  They are sweet and perfect and we are so happy. I will never try another rescue without Sarah, her advice and her selection saved us so much time, money and a lot of heartache. A million thanks.