Triple Woof

We first met Sarah eleven years ago with Laszlo, our first Viszla. He went through kindergarten and grade school with a little extra private help for housebreaking issues (why should the dog go to the bathroom outside when the cats, a duck, and the people get to go to the bathroom in the house?) and some mild, persnickety aggression (reluctance to get off the couch or give up his bone…). We didn’t think twice about bringing our next Viszla puppy, Bela, to class and now four years later she is well on her way to getting certified as a therapy dog with Sarah’s help.

A couple of months ago we adopted a young dog, Branson, from a shelter where he’d been for at least a year. We knew he was coming with some fear and aggression issues, but when he bit someone who came to our house, we got in touch with Sarah right away. She immediately saw him and gave us some things to work on until we could bring him to grade school and he’s already improved so much.

Our dogs have always been just like extra people in our house, but Sarah’s been key in helping us understand where they’re coming from when they act up and teaching us how to give the right amounts of love and direction they expect and need from us.

–N.T & friends!