The Insider's Perspective


When I heard my wife was working on the long awaited testimonial page I felt I had to slip one in under the table.  I knew two things were for sure when I married Sarah…she could not reverse a car to save her life, and that we would in the course of our lifetime have a lot of pets. Little did I know.  Now nearly a decade later we have two kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats, a lizard and a rabbit.  I keep telling her “There’s no more room at the inn,” then sure enough she or the kids find another creature, with a sorry tail (tale?), in need of love.  And in our house love seems to abide.


But for a kid from Cleveland who never had so much as a fish, and whose family routinely lifts their brow that we’ve packed in a little more, I’m amazed at how well our household flows.  Sarah does more than trains the pets, she communicates calmly.  She’s taught me and the kids a kindness and empathy towards each of them, that isn’t obvious because the pets don’t speak.  I’ve learned to “listen with my eyes” by watching their postures and how essential it is to provide a consistent routine of feeding, play and structure–day in, day out.

I watch my wife with our family and while she’s clearly the stricter of our two, she’s also incredibly loving and fun.  The animals swarm to her, the kids gather around and I sit back and am so grateful to know her.