Sweet Bella Jane

Bella jane.jpg

I only wish I’d known to call Sarah when we welcomed our first dog 13 years ago. This second time around I knew just who to call! Sarah was so amazing with Bella, our black Lab puppy. We started private lessons right away and that was the perfect thing for both me and Bella. Sarah gave me the confidence to know that I could train and teach Bella. Bella would just melt and do whatever Sarah wanted and that showed me that I could get Bella to respond in the same way to me. All of Sarah’s “tricks” and ways work with Bella, from commands to products to use, she knows just how to relate to dogs and get them to want to behave. She’s magical! She is a dog magnet. I can’t stop recommending her to everyone and anyone I know and meet who tell me they’re getting a new dog or need to teach an old dog new tricks.