Rascal is a smart dog after all!

Hi Sarah, 

Thanks for coming to help us with Rascal. He seemed to understand right away after you left that he should spend more time with us as opposed to always hanging in his kitchen crate when we’re in another room. I see a difference. He still does fall into kitchen mode especially when he is wanting treats. But we’re on our way!
Also, he also seemed to understand right away that he can and should play more with toys. Even my husband got him to play, which is new.  I like the belt leash, as well as the strategy of keeping myself between him and “offenders” on walks.  I think I understood you correctly that moving him more often into play and not too excitable seeking behaviors is good for his well-being. Less fear and frustration.  The one thing not working is his new harness. I like the idea of his not being able to pull so much, but it’s rubbing under his arms, creating redness there, even when I eventually loosened it. Also, since he’s so low to the ground, I spend a lot of time pulling the leash out from under his legs. Sometimes, the new harness also starts to fall off. So–we’re back to his old harness due to the redness, tightness, and challenge with coordinating the other one. Is there another option you recommend for a short but full-chested guy like him? Thanks also for your collar ideas. I will watch the DVD too.  Last night, he was trying so hard to make sense of his new desire to play more with me. He was very goofy, was “guffawing” a lot (his mouth was wide open in a goofy smile), but the playfulness is definitely coming out. Like a kid who is discovering a new talent. 

Thanks again. He enjoyed meeting you and seems a quick learner!!