Human Training for Dogs


It is such a pleasure to write about Sarah. She has made such an impact on our lives and our understanding of our dog Milo. After rescuing Milo at three months we went to Sarah’s puppy Kindergarten class. Milo thrived, always wanting to impress the teacher, and was ringing his bell to go out in no time and learning to walk on the leash with manners. We continued on to the next class and I was able to marvel at Sarah’s ability to train the humans. I learned so much about my wonderful companion Milo and how our behavior towards him is vital so that he can feel safe and unthreatened.


Milo is 1 1/2 now and I know I have slipped as a trainer/doggie mom and its time for a check in with Sarah. I have set up a private session with her to help me address the latest phase of “I love my dog so much he thinks he owns the place”. This human needs some more training and I cannot imagine anyone doing that other than Sarah Hodgson. As for Milo, he will be happy to have the chance to suck up to the teacher once again!