Endless Knowledge!

After reading Sarah’s book “Puppies for Dummies” and learning Sarah and I lived in close proximity, I was determined to meet her.

After conversing a bit through email, my family and I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah in person prior to our puppy arriving from the breeder. That meeting was the best experience for our family as we were all well prepared for the puppy’s arrival. The things we learned are endless!!! Having Sarah before the puppy arrived worked best for us as there were no interruptions and we could focus on exactly what Sarah was teaching us.

Sarah is a fountain of information and knows her stuff inside and out. We have implemented her teachings into our everyday lives and we have a well-behaved puppy. There is nothing better than a well behaved puppy.

I would highly recommend anybody who is getting a puppy have Sarah come to your house to teach everyone how to care for a puppy.

Thanks again Sarah for everything. You are an amazing person.