Dog Psychology 101

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to reflect upon my professional association with Sarah Hodgson. 

I have known Sarah for approximately a year.  She was referred to me as an outstanding professional by my vet.

I met her at the time when my rescue dog, a golden retriever, was having serious medical difficulties.  There was something very wrong that caused her to be potentially dangerously aggressive with persons she might encounter when walking.  There was nothing that could be done to alter that behavior and, through the knowledge and support of Sarah, I agreed to make the very painful decision to have her euthanized.  Sarah’s kindness, compassion and professional insights were of utmost value to me.

Subsequent to this resolution, she got me another rescue dog.  My new dog is in all ways perfect for one of my age [80] and temperament.  Sarah spent time making this recommendation until she knew me better.

Her reputation is one of being a brilliant trainer, teacher and owner of four wonderfully behaved dogs.  She teaches, trains and writes.  She enjoys an outstanding reputation with the vets in my area, Fairfield County, CT.

Sarah is an exuberant, intelligent, loving teacher.  She possesses a high level of knowledge about animals and is seriously committed to the welfare of all those with whom she works.  She obviously loves what she does and handles her responsibilities with commitment and love.

I have enjoyed knowing her and am looking forward to our ongoing relationship as she helps me with my pet, if needed.

I must conclude that she has a very high energy level and quick response system.

It is my pleasure to know her and have her educate me in this field of endeavor.

~ Sue B. — Fairfield County, CT