I just wanted to thank you again for coming to help me with Bruno.  We are doing really well!  We’re taking long walks twice a day and he is heeling beautifully and staying focused!  My husband is thrilled to walk with him now.  I take him out back to just ” take care of business” throughout the day and he’s going on command. And for some reason he is ringing the bell!!! Which he never did before so that’s been awesome.  

We schedule a playtime in the backyard as well every day too.  Much to my surprise he is napping – taking long naps and listening to jazz and opera upstairs when I leave and during nap time even when I’m home.  He jumped the gate only once and that’s because he heard my son leaving the house for school :( 

 I’ve read your blog posts and am reading thru your books.   Anyway I will continue to be consistent with him and keep you posted.  Hopefully next time we can work on getting him to stay, get down and not freak out when he sees a squirrel through the window. 

Thank you thank you for being so helpful and wonderful.