Tesla Welcomes Dad Home

Tesla is my first puppy and I have been overwhelmed. I raised two children and falsely assumed a puppy couldn’t be that different. Boy, was I wrong. I first met Sarah several years ago when she came to the house to help with my son’s rescue dog. She worked miracles in one short session. So it was a no brainer to call Sarah when my husband I rescued a puppy. Tesla, the puppy, and I enrolled in Sarah’s puppy kindergarten.

There, Sarah works with Puppies and their owners to learn how to encourage good behavior and resolve some of the many frustrations that are common to puppyhood. These include chewing, house training, nipping, jumping, etc. At the last class, I mentioned that my puppy, Tesla, just didn’t seem to like her mat. Sarah said to just keep trying and made some suggestions, but I didn’t have high hopes. I was also worried because my husband was coming home from rehab following an operation to insert a rod in his thigh. Needless to say, he isn’t too steady on his feet. Lo and behold, when the three of us got home that day, Tesla immediately went to her mat and my husband settled in with out incident. It’s been relatively smooth sailing ever since. (She is still a puppy!)

I cannot say enough positive things about Sarah Hodgson. She loves every animal – and their owners. She doesn’t “teach” or “preach”. She has fun with you and your dog and in the process both you and the dog learn the tools you need to live together, happily and stress free.

Sarah Wise Miller