A Dogsend!

Sarah has a remarkable way of relating to dogs and owners both. We started with Sarah when our puppy was a rambunctious three-month-old, and in a couple of months, Sarah has helped transform our interaction and training with our puppy into a positive, constructive, fun, growing experience. Sarah's approach is pragmatic, uses common sense, and she has the wisdom, instincts, and appreciation of the unique relationship between each pet and the family. Sarah taught us the basic importance of the puppy's regular sleep routine, how to use the proper vocabulary and intonation, and the consistency of commands. Sarah is both insightful and passionate about our dogs and the roles they play in our lives.  

Sarah Hodgson is a godsend and
a dogsend!

Each session with Sarah brings new realizations to us, and uncanny progress with our puppy. We feel so fortunate to have Sarah working with our family. - P & L