My cat Fox was acting out and not getting along with my other pets in my household, Fox would attack any cat that got in his path. I’ve worked with another trainer who recommend penny cans, tossing a chain and loud clapping—now I see why it made all the animals even more freaked out. 

I was referred to Sarah and reached out to see if someone could finally help my situation and she was a miracle worker! She uses food and fun and initial separation to help me regain my relationship with each cat before introducing Fox slowly. It took time but my cat's attitude started changing. Sarah is such a friendly person and her love for her job shows. - Judy H.

Kitten Boy


I adopted a little kitten who I named Archie, from a shelter nearby.  He is so cute but I’d never even taken care of a plant or goldfish before.  I felt so overwhelmed I thought I was having a panic attack.  I read lots of articles on line, but I still felt like I couldn’t do right by Archie.  On a whim, I researched kitten training and found Sarah’s virtual online sessions! She validated my fears, and just educated on what cats need every day.  The way she explained it I felt like I understood what Archie needed.  She helped me understand how to litterbox train him and how to avoid him scratching up my rental apartment, and even explained why scheduled feeding times are better than leaving food out all the time.  Now he rests when I rest, and I could not love him more! - Lucy D.



I rescued my new cat Koala—literally—from the back of a gas station.  She is so beautiful but totally feral.  I thought I would just release her after getting her spayed but I didn’t.  She could be so trusting but then would suddenly get stressed and try to scratch me.  I called Sarah and she came over after two short digital lessons to help me with Koala.  She help me understand her limits and now I can better read her body language.  And now that I’m not upset and angry we are really bonded.  Though she doesn’t like constant pats, she is very affectionate and follows me around whenever I’m home. - Penelope. 

Gary the Cat!


I recently brought home my new best friend Gary, a Maine coon cat.  He was transported up with a bunch of dogs and I’m convinced he’s a dog at heart. That said I don’t let him outside and he is not litter box trained!  I could not get a handle on it and had shut him in a small room with a litter box which he used but that didn’t stop the accidents when he got out.  He also reacted to being kept inside by  knocking stuff over, full glasses of water and bottles off of the counters and nightstands. In walks Sarah. basically translating Gary’s actions and what he needed from us to make him happy.  She made the solutions simple and made it easier for Gary to be in his new environment and for me to understand him more! - Robert G