SPEAKing gets my tail wagging!

Whether inside or out, talking to grown-ups, retirees or kids, I'm happy to custom-tailor a speaking topic or lecture for your group.

Tischman Pet Photography

Tischman Pet Photography

  • Some talks are targeted to a specific age or dynamic, but most can be adapted to any group.

  • Lectures vary from 30 minutes to day long seminars.

  • Interested in a topic that you don’t see on the list? Work with me to develop a customized presentation.

  • Lectures include handouts, materials, and Q & A period.

    For a complete print out of my lectures, workshops and talks, click here.

Veterinarians and petcare professionals

A Stress-Free Exam Room

Many dogs are stressed and reactive in the exam room, making handling them difficult and unpleasant for everyone, and lessening the likelihood that clients return for maintenance care.  Learn to  redirect tension and master the body cues of pets and people to ensure everyone entering leaves with their tails wagging.  

Hosting Puppy and Kitten Socials

Discover how weekend visits and exam friendly condition can ensure lifelong cooperation, routine visits and word-of-mouth referrals for your practice. 

Coping with Real-time Behavior Problems in Your Facility

Dogs’ personalities vary like children's’. Learn how to cope with real-time reactions- barking, jumping, soiling, aggressive or panicking dogs- in your midst. Sarah provides top 10 tip cue-cards and magnets  to share with employees and clientele. 

corporate workshops and lunchtime lectures 

Loving Your Latch-Key Dog

During this this 4-part workshop, Sarah engages the audience with empathy, as she shapes solutions to keep dogs safe, happy and engaged throughout the day!

Using Dog Training Tips to Improve  Your Relationships       

In another interactive lecture, Sarah coaches her audience how to use her top-secret tips to improve relationships with coworkers, employees, family and friends! 

Balancing Work and Family

Has getting a dog not been the vision your imagined. If going to work is now your escape Sarah has simple solutions your family will enjoy!

Education and outreach

Leash reactivity: When Reality Bites

Leashes are a necessary evil in today’s society. They create opposition reflex, amping a dog’s frustration level. Condition your dog properly to resolve your dog’s leash frustration to ensure walks are pleasant for the both of you.

Puppy Raising 101

All good dogs start somewhere and the best ones start here. Current or future puppy parents will learn the five stages of puppyhood and the basics of sleep and play training

The 5 Step Solution 

How to teach good manners and solve many common dog problem with these 5 simple steps. The trick is in the training!


Multi-pet Households  

Having two dogs can be twice the fun! Or it can be double the trouble. Add a third…or fourth…or fifth, and now you’ve got a pack.  In a multi-dog household, everyone must be sensitive to the needs of each individual dog. 

Mature and Aging Dogs: How to Keep Their Tails Wagging       

The worst thing about dogs is that they can’t live forever.  A well-loved dog feels the strain and confusion of aging too… and nothing is worse than feeling left behind or ignored.  In this lecture, Sarah outlines the effects of aging and describes ways to engage and inspire aging pets.    

Socializing Etiquette

Whether you take your dog to the park, drop them at daycare or arrange playdates how your dog socializes with others will affect how they behave at home and on the leash.  Sarah says “Dogs aren’t as free-ranging as they use to be; most need help learning to interact with different types of dogs and puppies.”  

How to Talk so Your Dog Will Listen

  Dogs are remarkably easy to train, if you teach them English as a second language and learn to listen with your eyes instead of your ears, as dogs speak through postures .


Custom Lectures. Give me a call and let's customize a lecture for your group.

“Sarah is a great person, a fun speaker, and a good teacher who always puts a positive spin on her topic.”
— Kristen Mauro, CVPM Hospital Manager VCA Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center #735 Norwalk, CT