Whats at Stake

There is more at stake than a mere convenience when your dog's behavior is out of whack: your dog's behavior affects your home life like no other pet. 

If you’ve resigned yourself to living with your dog's anxiety, hyper-reactivity or playful (but aggravating) shananagins, or you've tried another approach that didn't work, you’ll be happy to know that solving dog problems doesn't need to involve time or money or electronic shock collars.  A proactive, upbeat approach works faster and lasts a lifetime. Making your dog feel threatened or scared does not. 

No matter what you're experiencing—from the extremes of aggression, leash lunging and separation anxiety to the more commonplace frustrations such as jumping, nipping, chewing, barking and house-soiling—a positive approach works quickly and effectively.    

Trust my thirty years experience, peruse any one of my thirteen books, read my blog or one of my Huffington Post articles.  Then contact me and let me help you create a better life for both of you, without shocks, bullying or isolation.