I designed these products to make raising a happy dog easier

I design products to help people communicate and teach their dog or puppy without the use of shock collars, isolation or intimidation. Expand your techniques and lift your dog’s tail with choice pieces from my product line.  Each comes with an instructional ebook.

Drag Lines

Anything But A Drag!


Think of your drag line as stress prevention tools for both you and your dog. When she’s wearing one, you can easily reinforce your direction or redirect behaviors calmly and quickly. Use the 25' or 50' drag line outside or the short 4’ drag lead inside to resolve jumping and chasing problems or to soothe an over-excited or frightened dog.

Teaching Leads

6’ long, full of holes and... 


The best leash you will find to teach and lead your dog. The Teaching Lead™ is made in leather or nylon with clips at both ends, its ingenious, patented design lets you use it as a regular leash, a hands-free lead or an indoor and outdoor learning aid. 

Station Leads


Hand/Seatbelt & Finger Leads

a calm and quick way to get a handle on your dog—literally! 

A hand or finger lead—a short leather loop that clips to your dog’s collar or harness—is designed to be worn continuously when supervising your dog to give you quick and steadying control. Since grabbing your dog’s body or collar is alarming and can quickly cause a defensive or hyperactive reaction, condition your dog tothe guidance of this handy tool as you teach her to listen to directions that are both familiar and reassuring.