Kids and their parents see the world in different ways. Babies see all sorts of potential in a bowl of yogurt; their parents only one! Kids see canvases where parents see well painted walls, they can make trampolines out of beds and couch cushions, bug huts out of cereal bowls, pies out of mud, and besties in even the tiniest of their pets. What a grown up considers problematic is often play to a child, or successful attention-getting behavior at the very least! Kids are smart and crave two things, entertainment and attention! Think you’ve got a problem kid—ask yourself, does this make him smile? Is it a successful way to get me to stop and weigh in? It’s not a matter of good or bad—it’s a measure of supreme intelligence! 

Dogs are identical. Go back and replace the word child with dog and you’ve got the formula. Dogs are busy fun and attention seekers, especially under the age of 1, but can continue acting up throughout their life if misbehaving gets your attention. Now the question for you is…does it?


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