Stair Training for Dogs and Puppies

Many puppies are thrown off by stairs: they can’t make sense of the depth and angle. Although it’s tempting to sooth and lift your puppy up and down, try not too—your pup will develop learned helplessness! Here’s how to encourage a Can-Do Attitude!

* Ask a helper to stand a the top or bottom of the step. Place your puppy a few stairs from either end.
* Put him down gently and lace your fingers securely about his ribs to support him and alleviate his fear of falling.
* Ask your helper to wave toys or offer treats to excite his determination. If he’s still nervous guide him through the movements with your hands and reward him at each step.
* Gradually increase the number of steps your puppy must conquer until he is rewarded. Leave on a Hand or Finger Lead to support and guide him through the motions until he is confident and proud of himself.

Excerpt “Teach Yourself Visually Dog Training,” Sarah Hodgson