house training

House Training Your Dog

Potty training is hard step for puppies. Their internal regulation is one gigantic step towards independence. Set aside the time to help your pup re-organize their day to include potty trips.*

Follow these quick tips to get started:

* Chose a potty area—indoor or out. Like a bathroom it should be secluded and close by.

* Take your puppy to his area after eating, resting, playing or containment.

* Hang a bell and encourage your dog to signal you when he needs to go to his area. Tap the bell as you’re walking through a door or other otherwise blocked threshold.

* Say a short phrase like “Get Busy” as your puppy eliminates. Say it once in a clear voice as your puppy either pees or poops for two weeks. Soon this cue will prompt your puppy.

* If your puppy gets fidgety, nippy or moves towards and rings his bell take him to his spot immediately.

* Praise lovingly and reward him with calm, reassuring affection.

For more help with Housetraining refer to Sarah’s Puppies for Dummies and her Teaching Lead training video.

* Excerpt from Sarah’s syndicated column on the Bedford-Katonah Patch.