Training Your Puppy what to Chew

Puppies like kids like to investigate anything new. Kids use their hands to pick up, feel and manipulate objects. Puppies use their mouth. It’s a healthy sign of normal development. Even as a pup matures he will often investigate new objects by picking them up. If you shout he’ll consider your envious and want a challenge. Avoid “Prize Envy” and teach your puppy to show you the things he has found.

* Set a place for your puppy in all rooms you share. Decorate this play station with comfortable bedding, and a few chew toys or bones.
* Each time you walk your home with your puppy point out his area and direct him with familiar directions: “Go To Your Bed” and “Get your Chewy.”
* If your puppy won’t sit still and is prone to grabbing your objects and running away, either keep him in his area on or secure your puppy to this play station with a short station lead.
* Make treat cups and place them about your home. Each time your dog grabs an object, shake the cup and encourage him to “Give.” Praise him for the grab and show.
* If your puppy is already conditioned to run from you, put him on a light indoor drag line when supervised and approach him calmly and step on the line before asking him to give.

Remember that puppies cannot distinguish between what belongs to you and what belongs to them. Limit your pups choice to a few select objects, play tag and run away games with their things to encourage interest and stay calm and positive if your puppy grabs something that you’d rather he not. Teach him to show you these treasures, not covet them.

For other helpful tips on raising a puppy refer to Sarah Hodgson’s book “Puppy Perfect.”