Training your Dog Where to Dig

Most dogs enjoy digging—some more than others! Young dogs love the sensation-like kids and mud. Others dig for fun, to cool off, or relieve boredom and stress. To shape and redirect this behavior remember:

* Never garden in front of a young puppy or an earth-loving dog. Think: Monkey See- Monkey Do. If she sees you put it in, don’t be too surprised if she digs it out!

* If possible, assign a special- digging place, under a porch or in a pile of leaves at a local park. Dig with your dog hiding treats and bones where she can find and unearth them.

* If it’s hot out make sure your dog’s either inside or able to find shade. Leave plenty of water outside for easy access!

* To discourage digging, play and exercise with your dog. If possible keep her with you when you’re near by or isolated indoors for short periods. If you have to leave your dog outside, isolate her away from the properties edge, leave plenty of water available and a cool area (such as a garage) accessible.

* If your dog still insists on digging, place her own stool in the holes as well as some red pepper dust before covering the holes up.

* When you can supervise your dog outside, leave a long light line dragging for quick interference. If she begins to dig, calmly pick up the line and redirect her to a digging place or another playful activity.

For more helpful tips on dog training and problem solving read Dog Perfect, by Sarah Hodgson.