Training Your Dog to Give You His Paw

Some dogs are naturally paw expressive: some need a little urging. Sometimes the real trick is teaching them to keep their paws to themselves! Regardless this is a fun trick that’s easy to learn.

* Get a hand full of your dog’s favorite treats or a toy. Put your dog on a light leash or hand lead for easy guidance.

* Kneel down in front of your dog. Encourage him to sit and reward him!

* Now you have two choices:
1) Fold the treat or toy in the palm of your left hand and bring it to his nose.
Press gently on his left shoulder muscle with your right thumb.
The moment his leg flexes, cup his paw in your right hand, say “Paw” and reward him.
Do this three times, then switch sides to determine if he’s a lefty or a righty!

2) Hide the treat or toy in your right hand and hold your hand down on the floor in front of him. If he paws at you say “Paw” and reward him immediately.
Gradually bring your hand up and turn it over so your fingers are facing up.

After you’ve got the hang of it, you can start being really creative: added High Five or Wave to your bag of tricks.

For this and other fun tricks read Sarah’s “Dog Tricks and Agility for Dummies.”