Play Training The Come Command

Come is difficult request: you’re asking your dog to leave something they’re enjoying and return to your side. While some dogs are responsive and prioritize their owner’s request, more act like self-absorbed children. Getting frustrated won’t help: staying positive will. Remember these tips as you begin to work on this command.

* The command “Come” is equivalent to shouting out “Huddle!” The ultimate invitation to reconnect.

* Staring while calling a dog can be confusing. Imagine my calling you to the kitchen in a foreign language: no matter how loudly I spoke or how often I repeated myself it wouldn’t be any more clear if I stood there staring at you.

* Start using the command when your dog approaches you: when he comes for meal, reward or affection say “Come,” and praise him. The command will highlight positive interaction instead of confusing separation.

*Use other words to call dogs to the car or indoors, such as “Car” and “Inside.” Use a treat cup to encourage a positive association.

* Play train this command. A light, happy approach is much more successful and lasting than heavy-handed, domineering, fear-based methods.

* Use a long line if exercising your dog in an unconfined space.

Looking for more Quick Tips on teaching this important command. Refer to Sarah’s Teach Yourself Visually Dog Training book for more on this command and others!