Healthy Tips for Keeping your Dog Tick Safe this season

Tick season is particularly bad this season. Here are some tips on keeping your dog tick safe this summer!

Pros and cons of a topical solution… sold through your veterinarian it’s very effective, but extremely toxic…after all, they kill ticks. Aside from not wanting such toxicity near my dogs, I’m an avid dog hugger (like me). My children curl up with the dogs too and as per the instructions on the box you should not touch the neck region for three days. I do not use these products.

Consider an herbal alternative. Start with a spray bottle filled with water, add 40 drops eucalyptus, 10 drops lavender, 5 drops tea tree oil. (Viles of these oils can be bought on line). Spray your pets before going outside. I use this spray on humans too!

Lawn treatments. If you’re blessed to have a yard, chemical sprays are available as well as a sand spray that is said to be affective in reducing tick populations.

Purchase a flea comb and use it during or right after your pet’s exposure. I use it on my children’s hair as well as my own! Fine toothed it lifts the ticks out of the fur before they’ve attached.

Getting in the habit of the using the Spider Crawl! Wiggle your fingers across the surface of your dog’s coat daily: keep your feelers out for anything bumpy.

Find a friend who can show you how to remove ticks. Ticks stick their head into your dog’s skin: I envision the tips of my nails as tweezers and pinch the head out. There are also special tick tweezers on the market. Either way, this will cause a pinch, so praise and treat your doggie while you do it!