Beat the Heat!

As summer approaches temperatures spike and the dilemma of regulating body heat becomes a canine’s chief concern. With few pours on their body to release perspiration metaphorically it could be liken to our wearing a fur coat 24/7. As you’re enjoying the pleasures of this season keep these points in mind to insure that your dog is not only safe-she is comfortable too.

➢ Access to water Place dishes of fresh water about, indoors and out. If you prefer that your dog not drink from toilets, fountains or pools have a large dish along side each of these locations. Should your daily fun include an excursion, take a collapsible bowl and a bottle of clean water with you.
➢ Keys in the car Pack an extra set of keys in the glove compartment of your car. Should you need to leave your dog in the car for any reason, lock it with the ignition running and the air conditioning left on. A car can overheat in minutes.
➢ Slowing metabolism During the hot months your dog’s metabolism will slow down naturally. Do not be alarmed if her food consumption drops or her interest in exercise and play dwindles, especially during the hottest part of the day.
➢ Feel the pavement Your dog’s “bare” paws are the most sensitive part of her body. If walking on pavement, place the palm of your hand down before forcing your dog to follow you. Too hot? Walk in the shade or hose the area down.
➢ Access to shade and pools of water When leaving your dog alone, a cool indoor location is ideal. If forced to spend time out of doors provide access to shade, a shallow pool to lie in and plenty of fresh water to drink.

Left to their own devices a dog will enjoy the pleasures of the extreme: a sunny spot to warm themselves and a cool shaded or wet location to cool themselves down.
One entertaining observation in our own home is how our big black dog Whoopise enjoys shuttling from the warmth of the sun into the cool of our cubbied shower. Self-regulating, she often slurping a large swallow of water on her way!