Struggling to Relax: Yoga and Agility

I recently took up yoga. Friends promised I would love it. I’d feel more limber, more relaxed. There was even a pose called Downward Facing Dog. How could I resist?

I bought a mat and signed myself up. The first few minutes were fine. We closed our eyes and sat cross-legged—the Lotus pose. Look at me! I thought. Doing yoga! Why, this is relaxing. And with that, the instructor gently suggested we do a sequence of moves called the Sun Salutation. Then Warrior. Cobra. And the final straw—the One-legged King Pigeon.

Is there a Woman Fleeing Yoga pose?

Needless to say, my first few yoga classes were anything but relaxing. Struggling to combine new terminology with unfamiliar techniques left me feeling out of step and lost.  But I kept at it. In time, the words and movements started to come together and flow.

A recent book of mine explore the sport of dog Agility, which isa little bit like yoga in that it has its own moves and vocabulary. Words and actions that make perfect sense when you understand them but can be confusing to a newbie.

My book, Agility and Dog Tricks for Dummies, reviews how basic training skills are adapted for this sport and list new commands and move you and your dog will learn together.

Feel like giving Agility a trial?  Never fear—if your heart flutters and your dog sores, you’ll soon you’ll be talking agility with the best of them!