The Stay-Home Dog

Summer Travel Dog Care Options

If you plan to leave your dog at home, there are several options. Consider your dog’s personality and needs when making your choice. Here are some tips to determine which is right for your dog.

Boarding Kennel
For social dogs, this is like summer camp. If your dog is the life of the local dog park, a kennel is just one more place to meet and greet. Kennels are not great, however, for protective, solitary or clingy types. Visit the location in person beforehand.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker
If your dog is adapted to periods of solitude and welcomes the attention of people outside your immediate family, a dog walker or pet sitter is an option. A live-in sitter is a good choice for younger pups but a drop-in caregiver is fine for many older dogs, provided they stick to a strict schedule and include play and exercise time if your dog needs it. If your dog is not used to being alone, he may show signs of anxiety including destructive chewing, house soiling or excessive barking.

Another Home
Placing your dog with a friend, family member or home-based kennel is great if your dog is mature, reasonably well-trained, adaptable and socialized. The same is true for the person watching your dog. Please consider this option from both ends of the leash. Choose a professional home-based kennel if you’re not sure Cousin Charley is up for the task.

The Importance of Training
Sometimes, there is no choice but to leave your dog behind when you travel. If your dog is socialized and well-trained, it will make the separation easier for both of you.