Snow Please?

This morning, the sky had that perfect shade of gray that hinted at snow…but nope. Nothing. Bare ground. I know many of my midwestern friends would probably love to see a patch of bare ground–or at least temperatures rising out of the 20s–but here in the northeast, I’m aching for flakes.

We had a light dusting last week that got everyone revved up. The boots came out and we moved the sleds into position but it was just a tease. Balderdash, a recent emigre from the Czech Republic, may or may not know his way around a snowstorm, but he definitely liked the few flakes he saw last week. Nose pressed to the ground, he zigzagged around our small yard, his coat fluffed up against the cold. I can’t wait to see him tackle a real storm. Whoopsie, on the other hand, was rather blase. Experienced and wise to the ways of winter, she knows that you cannot play her favorite game–find the biscuits–without several inches of snow. Hang in there, Whoops. We’ll see some snow soon, I just know it.