Destroying to Communicate: Silly Gilly

OK. It’s Monday and the holidays are behind us. This year, Christmas and New Year’s Day both fell on Saturdays, so I decided to completely unplug from work for one solid, neatly bookended week.

It was a deeply refreshing, family-centered week but sitting here at my desk this morning, I know why I love being a dog trainer and a writer. Sorting through the usual collection of emails, I found a fan letter from a dog loving reader. He had purchased my book, Puppies For Dummies, and was finding it quite helpful as a training aid for his dog Gilly. He enclosed a picture of Gilly, posing with a copy.

I’ve explained in the past that dogs sometimes destroy much-loved items as a way of communicating. I think what we have here is Gilly, very much loving Puppies For Dummies. I’m flattered!