Moving Out: Life’s Reassurances

In less than 3 weeks, we’re moving out of the house I’ve raised myself in. For almost 16 years, I’ve lived in and loved my little village home. The memories that I’ve packed so tightly into it – of my kids, my husband, my dogs…pretty much my whole adult life – will follow me to my new home, but I look at all the boxes and I can’t help but feel nostalgic, emotional, a little sad and seriously, seriously tired.
Time is flying and I’m spending too much time over-taping boxes and waffling over whether or not to pack certain items. Will we need the wine glasses in the next three weeks? Almost certainly. The blender? Maybe. Popcorn popper? Rice steamer? Lobster pot? No, no, no…and why do we have a lobster pot? I hate the lobster pot! It’s big, unwieldy and really, will we ever boil a lobster alive? I doubt it.

I am beginning to loathe the boxes. I feel a strong urge to pack them, label them and deposit them at the curb with a big “FREE!” sign attached to them. Roman, lover of boxes and all things within them, will never allow this, so I’m free to indulge these fantasies.

Living on Bohdie Time
In desperate need of a break, I actually let Bohdie talk me in to letting him skateboard to the coffee shop. He’s not yet 3 and oh yeah, he can’t skateboard. So this little venture took almost an hour. The dude-in-training got to practice his low-rider boarding skills, Balder got to practice his herding techniques and I got to caffeinate. So it all worked out.

The Umbrella
Bohdie and Lindsay have been going through a rough patch. For several months, every meal was prefaced by “No hitting, no name-calling and no hair-pulling.” It was like our very own alternative version of Grace. But suddenly, the storm passed. I discovered them yesterday, playing with an umbrella (I’ve packed a lot of the toys), using it as a sort of parent shield. They’ve united against a common enemy: Roman and me. It’s like they’ve discovered their mutual kid-ness, a trait far cooler than our parent-ness. I’ve noticed this behavior in dogs, and wrote a column about it, and it’s surprisingly similar.

Any tips for surviving the stress of a move would be greatly appreciated. Send your ideas…quick! The boxes are closing in.