Making it through the worst: Easter & Chocolate

Had a terrible-no-good-very-bad weekend. Friday, my son choked on a bit of pasta and spit up. Spitting up turned to vomiting. Vomiting turned to retching. Concern turned to fear and I called 911. False alarm–he was fine.

Saturday, I ran out of gas on the way to an appointment. I grabbed my cell phone but the battery was dead. I went to grab my battery charger…but it wasn’t in my car. Another minor emergency. This was becoming a habit.

Saturday night, my husband started to feel the effects of some kind of food poisoning. Unable to meet his co-bunny obligations, I was left to hide eggs and distribute the baskets solo. I was a very weary bunny.

Easter Sunday–a beautiful day. We headed off to church and returned to find our dog Whoopsie happily eating a pile of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, rounding out the weekend with a veterinary emergency.*

Grabbing a turkey baster (which I was able to find… small favors!), I squirted a liter (I am exaggerating!) of hydrogen peroxide down her throat to induce vomiting.**  My slightly-green-around-the-gills husband watched warily and suggested that if she could stomach a liter of H202, a little chocolate probably wouldn’t kill her. And he was right. The next morning, Whoopsie proudly produced a sparkly, foil-bedecked stool on her morning walk.

And life goes on.

Theobromine, a chemical compound found the cocoa beans used to make chocolate, is poorly metabolized by dogs and therefore toxic to them. Symptoms of theobromine poisoning include heart irregularities, seizures and death.

** The safe amount to administer in this situation is probably a teaspoon or so.  Please consult your vet before taking these matters into your own hands!