A Happy New Year, Indeed!


Thoroughly wiped out from a week of non-stop action with my kids: two day trips, one family-wide stomach bug, cookie baking, present exchanging and lots of laughs. We had wondrously few meltdowns, save for the near-nuclear episode at Build-A-Bear. Needless to say, a Build-A-Bear Workshop is not the place to even hint to your children about restraint and simplicity. Accept the fact that you’ll be going home with a black sequined cocktail dress and a pair of faux Uggs for a teddy bear and just move on.

Happily, the snow that I’d been waiting for finally arrived and we were able to enjoy a more traditional activity. Later we had hot chocolate and did crafts…yeah, Mama’s old school.


Even though dogs can’t make wish lists, I know what both of mine would want. For Whoopsie? Treats. And lots of ’em. Crunchy ones, chewy ones, stinky ones…any treat is a good treat. Balderdash wants nothing more than attention in the form of pats, rubs, scratches and gooey looks. Mama’s boy is a cheap date. That I know these things about my dogs shows how much they’re able to say without uttering a single “I want…”

Here’s a vision of our holiday from a dog’s perspective. Where did that bone go? Christmas Unwrapping

Whether your beloveds walk on two legs or four, here’s to wishing you a Happy New 2011.  Let it be a good one!